John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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Welcome to Blue Armadillo mark two!

I've concluded that I no longer have time to write the kind of essays I used to write for Blue Armadillo. So starting today, when you go to the Blue Armadillo journal page, you'll see my LiveJournal. The format is different, and the entries will usually be shorter and somewhat breezier, but there will also be more of them. Thanks to everyone who has supported Blue Armadillo in the past; I hope you'll stick around as I move forward under this new paradigm.

A note about the comments: for whatever reason, only LiveJournal members can post under their own names; everyone else must post anonymously. So if you're not an LJ user and you want a response to your comment via e-mail, include your e-mail address in the text of the comment. And if you want to set up your own LJ, let me know; I've got several activation codes.

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