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My entry about the turmoil surrounding the opening of the store yesterday morning has drawn a couple of comments from people who faced similar situations when they were responsible for opening the places of business at which they worked. In the interest of full disclosure, I also have been in a situation like that. Back in 1995, I was working at a coffeee shop in Washington, D.C. I was asked to open the store on some occasions, and one morning I just slept through the alarm and thus didn't make it to the store. As I recall, someone finally reached me at home, at which time I hied myself to the shop and opened it a couple hours late. But nothing came of it; I got verbally reprimanded, but as far as I can remember there were no other consequences.

I'm now reminded of sort of an opposite situation I ran into one evening when I had to close the store. This was before I officially became a keyholder, a fact which conveniently escaped everyone involved, until the time came to lock up and go home, at which point my co-worker and I realized that, whoops, neither of us had a key. After looking for a spare in the back room and trying to call the owner, and failing at both, we struck on a solution. The door was operated by a single cylinder deadbolt lock, so we took a long strip of tape, wrapped it around the thumbturn, and ran it down and under the door. Then we closed the door and gently pulled on the strip of tape. After a couple of attempts, we were finally able to engage the lock. Ta da!

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