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Ten random things: July 1

Ten recurring characters in the comic strip Gil Thorp:

  1. Von Haney
  2. Marty Moon
  3. Steve Luhm
  4. Mimi Thorpe
  5. Andre Hamm
  6. Hutch Renfro
  7. Mandy Graham
  8. Bill Coleman
  9. Brent Raptor
  10. Hadley V. Baxendale

I used to be a big Gil Thorp fan when I was a kid, but I drifted away from it at some point. I've recently been reintroduced to it via The Comics Curmudgeon, who regularly mocks it but who admits to a grudging affection for it. And with good cause; it's the rare serial strip that doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't move at a glacial pace. Give it a try if you've never read it; it's easy to catch up on, because the Chicago Tribune, which owns the strip, has every strip from the last eight and a half years available online. You have to register (or pay a visit to BugMeNot, I guess) to read the earlier strips, but it's free.


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