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A rare treat

It's All-American Weekend on 94.7 The Arrow, the local classic rock station, so they're only playing songs by American artists. So that means no AC/DC, no Beatles, no Eric Clapton, no Led Zeppelin, no Bob Marley, no Pink Floyd, no Rolling Stones, no Rush, no U2, no Who, no Neil Young; in short, it means that at least a third and maybe closer to half of their everyday playlist is verboten. Which probably explains why, when I was listening to the radio earlier this afternoon, I heard a song I'd never heard before, which is somehting that almost never happens when I'm listening to a classic rock station.

More precisely, what I heard was an unfamiliar version of a familiar song: the original 1969 recording of "Jesus Is Just Alright" by the Byrds. I hadn't even known that song wasn't a Doobie Brothers original. It was intersting to hear the original version, though it didn't strike me as particularly, ah, Byrds-ish. (Or, hee, avyan.) That is, it wasn't dominated by Roger McGuinn's jangly 12-string guitar work. Which is not a bad thing, of course; who wants to listen to a band that always sounds exactly the same?

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