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Ten famous witches and wizards from ages past:

  1. Wilfred Elphick (first person to be gored by an Erumpent)
  2. Ignatia Wildsmith (invented Floo Powder)
  3. Alberta Toothill (1430 All-England Wizarding Duelling champion)
  4. Samson Wiblin (1430 All-England Wizarding Duelling runner-up)
  5. Cornelius Agrippa (imprisoned by Muggles for his writing)
  6. Daisy Dodderidge (builder and first landlady of The Leaky Cauldron)
  7. Almerick Sawbridge (conquered the river troll that was terrorizing crossers of the Wye River)
  8. Lord Stoddard Withers (breeder of flying horses)
  9. Abraham Peasegood (invented Quodpot)
  10. Xavier Rastrick (wizard entertainer who vanished unexpectedly while tap dancing before a crowd of 300 in Painswick and was never seen again)

Cornelius Agrippa was a real person, a German mystic who promoted the study of magic as the best means by which to know God and nature. Surprisingly, his entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia makes no mention of his being a wizard. Most of the wizards listed here appeared on Famous Wizard Cards featured in the Electronic Arts Chamber of Secrets video game, though Agrippa was also mentioned in the first book as being the only Famous Wizard Card not in Ron Weasley's collection.


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