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More thoughts

More thoughts on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

  • Ron and Hermione: SO CUTE! Especially the scene in the greenhouse. I've been waiting five years for a scene like that, and it was worth the wait.
  • Would Dean and Ginny have broken up when they did if Harry had not brushed up against her while under the influence of Felix Felicis? They were obviously heading in that direction, but I wonder if wandering into Harry's sphere of influence, so to speak, accelerated the process at all. And I wonder what Ginny would think if she realized that Harry might have caused her to break up with Dean, if only inadvertantly. She doesn't seem to appreciate it when people meddle in her affairs.
  • The scene with Harry and Ginny at the end was reminiscent of a great many fics I've read, though in the fics Ginny almost always bullies Harry into continuing the relationship anyway. Glad to see that didn't happen. I was also glad to see them not declaring undying love for one another or vowing to get married as soon as the war is over or soul-bonding or any of the other melodramatic excesses that run rampant through many Harry/Ginny fics.

More later if I think of anything else to say.


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