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Ten random things: August 10

Ten songs from The Temperance Songster:

  1. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  2. The Star-Spangled Banner
  3. Invocation
  4. Marching to Victory
  5. The Home Guard
  6. Sign the Pledge
  7. Battle Song
  8. Sing a Song of Prohibition
  9. Saloons Must Go
  10. Gleams the Promised Land

I stopped by the church this morning to introduce myself to the new secretary and get some information I needed regarding my duties as liturgist this coming Sunday. While I was there, I went into the choir room and poked through some of the music files, looking for something that might be fun to sing as a solo during worship. I didn't really find anything I wanted to sing, but I did uncover a copy of The Temperance Songster, which is described on its cover as "a collection of songs compiled primarily for use in Medal Contests. Suitable for Women's Christian Temperance Union Choirs, General Temperance Meetings, Prohibition Rallies, etc." It contains some standard hymns and some patriotic songs, and a large number of songs dealing with Prohibition and the evils of drink in general. I can't find a publication date anywhere, but it probably dates to the turn of the 20th Century. It seems to predate the adoption of the 18th Amendment, since several of the songs (like "Sing a Song of Prohibition," for example) urge people to vote in favor of Prohibition. Good stuff.


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