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Ten random things: August 19

Ten NASCAR tracks:

  1. Dover International Speedway (Dover, Del.)
  2. Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, Nev.)
  3. Nazareth Speedway (Nazareth, Pa.)
  4. Watkins Glen International (Watkins Glen, N.Y.)
  5. Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  6. The Milwaukee Mile (West Allis, Wis.)
  7. Bristol Motor Speedway (Bristol, Tenn.)
  8. Lowe's Motor Speedway (Concord, N.C.)
  9. Atlanta Motor Speedway (Hampton, Ga.)
  10. Mansfield Motorsports Speedway (Mansfield, Ohio)

This list came about as a result of a discussion I was having the other day at work. We sell a gift book called 101 Reasons to Live in Virginia (or something like that) that makes the claim that Virginia has more NASCAR tracks per square mile than any other state. When I heard that, I said that it couldn't possibly be true, because New Hampshire is much smaller than Virginia and would therefore have more tracks per square mile than Virginia despite have fewer total tracks. The GM didn't buy my argument, so of course I had to research it. (I started at work, and when the other CM, who had heard my conversation with the GM, saw me flipping through a copy of Insiders' Guide to the NASCAR Tracks, she said, "I can't believe you're looking that up." "That just proves you don't know me very well," I replied.)

Anyway, was very helpful in locating the 31 U.S. NASCAR tracks (the 32nd is in Mexico City), and provided the area of the states in which the tracks are located. I plugged all the data into a spreadsheet (because the only thing more fun than pointless research is making pointless spreadsheets) and determined that, in fact, Virginia did not have more NASCAR tracks than any other state. That honor goes to (drum roll) Delaware, which is home to one NASCAR speedway and has an area of just 1,954 square miles, giving it a whopping 0.0005118 NASCAR tracks per square mile. Virginia, by comparison, has a meager track/sq. mi. ratio of 0.0000468, a full order of magnitude fewer than its peninsular partner.

Here's the full chart, for those of you who could give a rat's ass about this:

State No. NASCAR tracks Area (sq. mi.) Tracks per sq. mi.
Delaware 1 1,954 0.0005118
New Hampshire 1 9,351 0.0001069
Tennessee 3 42,146 0.0000712
Indiana 2 36,420 0.0000549
Virginia 2 42,769 0.0000468
Pennsylvania 2 46,058 0.0000434
Illinois 2 57,918 0.0000345
South Carolina 1 32,007 0.0000312
Florida 2 65,758 0.0000304
Kentucky 1 40,411 0.0000247
Ohio 1 44,828 0.0000223
Alabama 1 52,423 0.0000191
North Carolina 1 53,821 0.0000186
New York 1 54,475 0.0000184
Georgia 1 59,441 0.0000168
Wisconsin 1 65,503 0.0000153
California 2 163,707 0.0000122
Kansas 1 82,282 0.0000122
Michigan 1 96,810 0.0000103
Colorado 1 104,100 0.0000096
Nevada 1 110,567 0.0000090
Arizona 1 114,006 0.0000088
Texas 1 268,601 0.0000037

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