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It's that time again: Reader Request Month! Next month, all my lists of ten things will be based on your suggestions. Yes, that's right, you! Use the poll below (or the comments, if you're not an LJ user) to request items you'd like to see appear in one of my lists. Feel free to make as many requests as you wish; last time around, brooding_soul and misterweasel made six requests each. Separate your requests with semi-colons or commas; if you have more requests than will fit in the text field, post the remainder in comments. All requests will be honored, even if it takes more than a calendar month to do so. (Last year, Reader Request Month lasted 45 days!)

Please note that I'm asking only for list entries this time around. Last year I asked for both list entries and list topics, but I found that it was a lot more fun composing a list around one required entry than it was composing a list on a required topic. And since "it's fun" is my only reason for doing these lists, I decided it would be contrary to the spirit of the endeavor to make myself do something not fun.

However, I am introducing a new participatory element this year. If you're the creative type, why not consider making me a ten things icon? I've been rotating among the same ten icons for several months now, and I need some new ones. Anything goes, as long as it features the number 10, the word ten, or the letter X. If you decide to make an icon, e-mail it to me or upload it somewhere and send me the URL.

Go nuts!

Poll #557273 It's Reader Request Month!

What item or items would you like to see appear in one of my lists of ten things?


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