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Ten random things: August 24

Ten members of the Family Sciuridae:

  1. Gambian Sun Squirrel, Heliosciurus gambianus
  2. Slender-tailed Squirrel, Protoxerus aubinnii
  3. Bangs's Mountain Squirrel, Syntheosciurus brochus
  4. Groundhog, Marmota monax
  5. Damara Ground Squirrel, Xerus princeps
  6. Berdmore's Ground Squirrel, Menetes berdmorei
  7. Red Squirrel, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
  8. Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel, Ratufa macroura
  9. Central American Dwarf Squirrel, Microsciurus alfari
  10. Biafran Palm Squirrel, Epixerus wilsoni

For those of you who requested list topics instead of list entries, you may see them turn up over the next few days. This one was requested by selannia.


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