John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

I left Cedar Rapids early on Sunday morning and drove up to Wisconsin to visit my newest nephew, Matthew. And my sister Jenni and brother-in-law Jim, but mostly the baby.

Matthew at one weekMatthew at one week as Charlie BrownI was generally pleased with the child. He was asleep for most of my visit, and largely non-fussy when he was awake. And believe me, he had every right to be fussy. First we took him out of his nice comfy bassinet and dragged him along while we had lunch. He slept through most of lunch, but by the time we got back to the house he was ready to eat. So I fed him a bottle while Jim and I watched the Bears play the Lions.

The bottle knocked him right out, so we put him back in the bassinet. Then a while later Jenni decided it would be fun to take him for a walk. So she got him dressed up in his cute little hat and covered his infant carrier with its cute little fleece cover, and off we went. He slept for most of the walk too, until we got back to the house and took him out of the stroller for a picture. (Which will be posted Wednesday.) He didn't appreciate being out in the cold. I tried to talk Jenni out of it, arguing that it a delicate and precious infant like Matthew should not be exposed to the elements, but she was insistent. (Note: the preceding sentence may not be strictly accurate.)

Before I left, Jenni gave me a new picture of Matthew. "Look," I said, "his head is perfectly round. He looks like Charlie Brown!" Jenni was dubious, but I think this proves my point.
Tags: comic strips: peanuts, family, ia, wisconsin

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