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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 5

Ten kinds of canned meat:

  1. Pure Texas Armadillo
  2. John West Kipper Fillets in brine
  3. King Oscar Fish Balls
  4. Esskay Pure Pork Sausage
  5. Armour Star Potted Meat Food Product
  6. Les Delectables Sardines a la Tomate
  7. Spam Lite
  8. Simmenthal Jellied Cured Beef
  9. Hereford Boeuf Salé
  10. Red Bird Chicken Lunch Meat

Today's list was created to fulfill mrghoul's desire to see potted meat food product mentioned in a list. And yes, all these products are real. You can see pictures of all of them and more at the fabulous Potted Meat Museum, the mere existence of which justifies the invention of the Internet.


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