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Ten MORE random things: Dissatisfied Reader Request Day

edhed thinks I cheated by using "invisible flying elves" in a list of things not seen. I disagree; why, I recall doing the same kind of thing last year when brooding_soul asked for a list containing an Australian titmouse, a species of bird that does not exist. In that case, I made a list of birds that are not indiginous to Australia, and included the plain titmouse (Parus inornatus) thereon. brood claimed to be satisfied, but eden apparently has higher standards. And since customer service is my business…

Ten things that help me create lists of ten things:

  1. All Music Guide
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Magic 8 Ball
  4. Google
  5. The flying invisible elves with whom I share my apartment
  6. Schott's Original Miscellany
  7. World Almanac
  8. Whatever magazines or newspaers happen to be lying nearby
  9. Tasseography
  10. The voices in my head

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