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Ten American-born hockey players:

  1. Scott Gomez (New Jersey Devils)
  2. Mike Modano (Dallas Stars)
  3. Jeremy Roenick (Los Angeles Kings)
  4. Frank Brimsek (Boston Bruins)
  5. Brian Leetch (Boston Bruins)
  6. Matt Carle (University of Denver)
  7. Mike Ayers (Chicago Blackhawks)
  8. Nick Stauder (Salem State College)
  9. John Mariucci (University of Minnesota)
  10. Rod Langway (Washington Capitals)

zengoalie wanted to see a list of American-born hockey players. She may also have wanted to see herself on that list, but I couldn't verify that she is, in fact, American-born. Besides, I just put her in a list I did yesterday (which list, I forgot to mention, was requested by boliver, though that was probably obvious).

The organizations listed parenthetically are either, in the case of current players, the team with whom that player is currently signed or, in the case of retired players, the team with which they achieved the most fame as a player or, in Mariucci's case, coached.

Lastly, just to forestall any griping, let me say that I am perfectly aware that Rod Langley was born in Taiwan. But his parents were both American citizens, and he therefore qualifies as American-born despite having been born overseas.


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