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This weekend I'm going down to Tennessee for yet another Buffy extravaganza. rustydog has offered to make name tags, and has asked everyone attending to supply her with three things:

  1. Our Television Without Pity screen name
  2. Our real name
  3. A short phrase, descriptive or otherwise
I'm having trouble with the third one. I've developed a list of six possible phrases, but I need help with the final decision. That's where you come in.

Poll #69791 Help design my nametag!

Which of these pithy phrases should I put on my nametag?

"Grows on you like a Chia pet"
"In love with President McKinley"
"Making time with the dracu-babes"
"Percy said I was a nerd"
"Possessed by a puppy"
"Reliable dog geyser person"
Thanks for voting!

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