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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 28

Ten things I would never, ever do to hcwoodward:

  1. Reverse the polarity of her neutron flow
  2. Accept a free bag of popcorn from her and then throw it in her hair (again)
  3. Tread on her corns
  4. Borrow a book from her and never return it
  5. Tell her she can't lead the mission because it's too dangerous for a girl
  6. Beat her like a rented mule
  7. Steal her glasses
  8. Arrange to have her banned for life from Blue Sage
  9. Offer her tickets to a Flyers game without telling her up front that they were for a University of Dayton game
  10. Refuse to air her pilot until after her series has been canceled

hcwoodward wanted to see a list that mentioned her glasses. This is the request I mentioned the other day, the one for which I couldn't think of a good idea. Then earlier today I was thinking about the time she gave me a bag of popcorn and I threw it in her hair, and suddenly I had the idea I'd been looking for.


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