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Link blogging

  • Look, Nic, I understand that you're probably still upset that Lisa Marie made you sell your comic book collection, but naming your son Kal-El isn't going to bring them back.
  • Speaking of Superman, check out these swanky pages from the forthcoming All-Star Superman. Good stuff, especially that two-page splash, but I'll probably wait for the trade.
  • The cover of the third printing of Supergirl #1 is pretty freaking awesome too, though most of you will probably need to take a gander at the cover to Action Comics #252 to understand why I'm fond of it. That said, I have no interest in this comic or the new Supergirl. Or any Supergirl, really. Give me Beppo the Super-Monkey any day.
  • This Television Without Pity recap of a classic Melrose Place episode reminds me of why I loved that show so much. Man, that was some great television. And you know what? I still think Keith faked his suicide.

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