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Fair weekend

You know, I get that when you're in the middle of a drought, rain is a good thing. Two days of rain, even better. Three or more, that's just wonderful.

But for the love of God, why did we get our first significant rainfall in 45 days, and our first consecutive days of rain in, I don't know, six months probably, on Waterford Fair weekend? Why did I have to spend one of my rare Saturdays off huddled under a tarp trying to sell apple butter to the hordes of people who didn't bother to come to the fair because it was raining?

What really gets me is that but for a technicality, we could have held the fair on one of the nicest weekends of the year. The Waterford Fair is always held on the first "full" weekend in October. Now, most people would have said that the first full weekend in October was last week, since October 1 was a Saturday. But in the context of the Waterford Fair, which runs for three days, the weekend starts on Friday. Last Friday was September 30, so in the eyes of the Waterford Foundation, the first full weekend of October was this weekend.

Needless to say, last weekend was gorgeous. It's completely unfair to blame the Waterford Foundation for the weather, of course, but on the other hand they sort of have a history of making foolish decisions that come back to bite them in the ass, so I'm willing to saddle them with the responsibility.

That said, my favorite Waterford-related foolish decision/subsequent ass-biting incident was actually made by the Waterford Citizens Association. The WCA has been trying for years to get the local electrical utility to bury the power lines, so as to better preserve the historical character of the village. (I've pointed out to several WCA members that if they really cared about the historical character of the village, they would ask the power company to remove the electrical lines altogether, not to mention demand that the county sanitation authority remove the sewer lines, but they seem resistant to both ideas. Hypocrites.) The local electrical utility has for just as long refused to do so, citing the high cost of the project.

Anyway, several years ago, the local cable franchise (Cablevision, at the time) came to town to see if there was sufficient interest among the village residents in subscribing to cable to justify the expense of running cable out to the village, which is in a fairly remote part of the county. The WCA said, sure… but only if you bury the wires. Cablevision, looking at the cost of burying the wires versus what they could expect in subscription fees from the fewer than 300 residents of Waterford, said, nuts to you. So, with cable eliminated, many residents of the village turned to satellite dishes, which of course diminished the historical character of the village far more than the cable would have, because the cable would have used the existing infrastructure, and therefore would have been virtually unnoticable alongside the power lines. Boing!

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