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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 40

Ten plants mentioned in the Bible:
  1. coriander (Exodus 16:31)
  2. olive (Job 15:33)
  3. rye (Ezekiel 4:9)
  4. cedar (1 Kings 10:27)
  5. ebony (Ezekiel 27:15)
  6. wheat (Luke 16:7)
  7. grass (Daniel 4:32)
  8. mandrakes (Genesis 30:14-16)
  9. thistle (Hosea 10:8)
  10. oak (Isaiah 44:14)

hcwoodward wanted to see coriander mentioned in a list. I used the New International Version for this, which isn't my favorite translation by any stretch of the imagination, but the online topical index I consulted defaulted to that translation, so that's what I used.

This was not my original idea for this list, but after composing the first one I decided it was too much of a stretch, even for me, so I went with this backup list. However, since I went to the trouble of composing the other list, I decided to post that one too. It can be found here.


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