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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 43

Ten classes I took when I was in college:
  1. Latin 102, Beginning Latin II
  2. Politics 262, American Politics
  3. Music 716, Concert Band
  4. History 251, Federal Indian Policy
  5. Education 410, Student Teaching I
  6. INT 201, Statistics
  7. Politics 111, Politics
  8. History 154, Making of Modern America
  9. Art 325, Urban and Rural Architecture
  10. PE 101, Lifetime Physical Fitness and Activities

It's appropriate that the P.E. class ended up at the bottom of this list, because it was with that class that I completed all my graduation requirements. The classes I took during the second semester of my senior year were just classes I felt like taking, not classes I had to take. P.E. 101, incidentally, varies from term to term depending on who teaches it; the block I took it, the subject was racquetball. Let me tell you, it was really nice to spend three weeks doing nothing but playing racquetball (even though I wasn't very good at it; my depth perception stinks) after twelve weeks of student teaching.

This list was compiled in response to a request by brooding_soul.


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