John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Art on Sunday: Reader Request Month special!

Abraham Walkowitz (1878–1965)
Isadora Duncan Study, ca. 1917
Pastel, Crayon on Red Paper
Abraham Walkowitz, Isadora Duncan Study
University Gallery, University of Delaware, Newark, Del.

spuffylove wanted to see Isadora Duncan mentioned in a list. But thanks to Abraham Walkowitz, she's seeing her instead as a Sunday art post. Walkowitz was a Russian-American artist who was pretty much obsessed with Isadora Duncan. It's not that he stalked her or anything like that, but he considered her the "perfect and highly visible symbol of the entire modernist spirit" and, over the course of his career, produced literally thousands of drawings and paintings of Duncan. In fact, I gave serious thought to making a "list" of ten of his works of art, but then I remembered that the point of fulfilling list requests as art and poetry posts was to get the project over with sooner, so I fell back on my original plan of featuring one of his works. I may end up doing the Duncan list next year. No sense in abandoning a perfectly good idea.

Incidentally, spuffylove is now the second person to have her requests fulfilled with a list, a poem, and a work of art. (The first was astrablue.) Yay for them, I guess.

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