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Ten companies of Spain:

  1. Canal de Isabel II (water supply management)
  2. Lladró (porcelain figure manufacturer)
  3. SEAT (automobile manufacturer)
  4. El Corte Inglés (department store)
  5. Talgo (railway vehicle manufacturer)
  6. Repsol YPF (oil and gas)
  7. Kukuxumusu (clothing and product design)
  8. Euskaltel (telecommunication)
  9. Pegaso (truck manufacturer)
  10. Navantia (shipbuilding)

canadia_bit wanted to see Lladró mentioned in a list. I started out with a high concept list of activities Superman did in his spare time, which would have included things like collecting Lladró figurines and reading back issues of Lloyd Llewelyn. But after four entries I ran out of ideas. Alas.


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