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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 65

Ten things George W. Bush could do to improve his approval rating:
  1. Follow in the footsteps of Madeleine Albright by making a guest appearance on Gilmore Girls
  2. Help Habitat for Humanity build more houses in Louisiana without stopping in the middle of the job to be interviewed by Matt Lauer
  3. Stop smirking like a chimp all the time
  4. Learn to pronounce the word "nuclear"
  5. Send some new equipment to Iraq so the U.S. military forces stationed there don't have to reinforce their inadequately armored vehicles with scrap metal
  6. For the first time, attend a funeral service for a soldier killed in Iraq
  7. Kill Karl Rove and dance about on his grave singing "Hallelujah"
  8. Trade in his cowboy boots for pink Converse high tops
  9. Appoint a fluffy bunny to replace I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby as Assistant to the President
  10. Next time there's a Federal emergency, do something about it instead of, say, hanging out with Mark Wills and playing the guitar 1800 miles away from the affected area

Whoops, this is two lists in a row for spuffylove. Oh well, these things happen. She wanted to see pink Converse high tops mentioned in a list, though knowing her political leanings I imagine she might have preferred to see them mentioned in some other context. Mon, I kid because I love. And also because George Bush is the worst President since Warren G. Harding.


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