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OK, that's enough about Paul Wellstone. Back to dumb crap!

Which BtVS Body Part Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I was going to take some other quizzes, but I didn't like any of them. But I did see the last episode of Firefly, and that I liked very much.

I love flashbacks. And I like non-linear storytelling. So naturally I really liked "Out of Gas," in which probably 80% of the action was shown in flashback, and kept jumping back and forth between the various time periods. It was maybe a trifle heavy-handed with the irony -- Zoe didn't like Wash! Mal hired a "genius" mechanic but wasn't talking about Kaylee! Etc! -- but never mind, it was still fun.

The best of the character intros: Jayne. It was perfectly in character with what we'd seen of Jayne before, and shooting a man in the leg is always funny. I also liked Kaylee's intro, though it was strangely off-putting to see Kaylee in a dress and wearing makeup. I think she looks great the way she's usually portrayed, in a jumpsuit and with little to no makeup.

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