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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 74

Ten songs by Nerf Herder:

  1. Van Halen (Nerf Herder)
  2. Cashmere (American Cheese)
  3. Feeling Bad (How to Meet Girls)
  4. Annalee (Nerf Herder)
  5. She's a Sleestak (How to Meet Girls)
  6. Jenna Bush Army (American Cheese)
  7. Pantera Fans in Love (How to Meet Girls)
  8. Hotel California (My E.P.)
  9. Mr. Spock (American Cheese)
  10. You're Gonna Be the One Who's Sorry (Nerf Herder)

Nerf Herder is of course best known for composing and performing the theme to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but as you can see they've recorded some other stuff too. This list is for Greg Sorenson, who wanted to see Sleestak in a list. He probably wants to see this as well.


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