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Ten random things: Reader Request Week, day 76

Ten fictional colleges:

  1. University of Okojobi
  2. Hudson University
  3. University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople
  4. Hillman College
  5. Christminster University
  6. Spuzzum Institute of Technology
  7. Globetrotter University
  8. Faber College
  9. Midston University
  10. Pacific Institute of Technology

I am, frankly, stunned that I've not already done this list. But I just finished checking my archive and I defintely haven't. Go figure.

Anyway, canadia_bit wanted to see Spuzzum, B.C., mentioned in a list. Spuzzum is a wee town of fifty people or so, located along the Trans-Canada Highway. There is not a university there, despite what some people may have you believe. As for the other schools mentioned above: University of Okojobi is pretty much the same kind of place as Spuzzum Institute of Technology, only in Iowa; Hudson University is Dick Grayson's alma mater; University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople is mentioned on several P. D. Q. Bach albums by Peter Schickele; Hillman College is the setting of the TV show A Different World; Christminster University appears in the novel Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy; Globetrotter University is where Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate teaches physics, according to the Futurama episode "Time Keeps on Slipping;" Faber College is the college at which Animal House takes place; Midston University is where Danny Dunn's friend and mentor Professor Bullfinch taught; and Pacific Institute of Technology is where Chris Knight, Mitch Taylor, and most of the other characters in Real Genius went to school.


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