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Advent 2005: With you decorating the tree...

With you doing the decorating...
...your tree should go over big!
Image via eBay user shernhud

Possible alternate caption for the back of this card: "'re sure to start humping the tree!"

Ahem. When I started planning this project, I decided that while I would include some contemporary cards, most of the images I posted would be of vintage cards. But what's a vintage card? After careful consideration, I decided anything published prior to April 16, 1968, would be, for the purposes of this project, vintage, while anything published after that date would be considered contemporary. You got a problem with that, whippersnapper?

Anyway, this is a vintage card. According to the U.S. Postal Rate Commission, the four cent postcard rate was in effect from January 7, 1963, through January 6, 1968, so this card was obviously published during that time period. (Unless it was of such a size to require extra postage, in which case it could have been published as early as 1958.) The art makes me think it was on the early end of the range, but it's hard to say.


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