John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Advent 2005: Look, up in the sky!

Look, up in the sky!
image via Pee Wee Comics

As I pointed out in a comment the other day, one of the advantages of posting Christmas cards is that it allows me to indulge my fannish interests in a way that posting poems or works of art does not. I knew that I some point during Advent I would be posting a comics-related Christmas card, and today we reach that point. DC Comics sent this card, featuring an original Alex Ross painting of Superman flying with Lois Lane over the streets of New York, to their staff and freelancers, and probably also to some of their vendors, in 1996. I'm posting it today because it's amandajane5's birthday, and she loves her some Superman. (Well, mostly she loves Tom Welling and Smallville, but that necessarily translates into some degree of love for Superman in general.)

You can buy a copy of this card from Pee Wee Comics, from whom I borrowed the image.

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