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Advent 2005: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Image via Vintage Postcards for the Holidays by Robert and Claudine Reed

You know, the wise men were almost certainly not present at the Nativity, but whatever.

Today was, I think, the first time I've ever attended a worship service on Christmas Day. Unlike Roman Catholics (and Episcopalians?), Presbyterians do not have a tradition of worshiping on Christmas Day, unless Christmas happens to fall on a Sunday, which doesn't happen very often. This is only the fifth time in my lifetime it's happened. The last two times (1994 and 1988) were in years during which I was not regularly attending worship services. As for 1977 and 1983, I have no memory of attending a worship service on those days. I suspect I didn't because my mom was not one to let something like Sunday worship get in the way of her Christmas Day traditions.

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