John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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Advent 2005: A Happy New Year

A happy new year
Image via Vintage Postcards for the Holidays by Robert and Claudine Reed

Remember back in the old days, when a uniformed delivery boy would deliver a gigantic calendar right to your door on New Year's Day? I sure do. My sister and I would sit by the window all day, waiting for our giant calendar, and would squeal with glee when it arrived. Mind you, it wasn't all fun and games; one year, the delivery boy slipped on a patch of ice and was crushed to death under our calendar. We were horrified, of course, but a quick phone call to the authorities led to the speedy removal of the corpse and another calendar to replace the one the first delivery boy bled on. So everything turned out OK after all.

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