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I have voted!

Not that there was much to vote for. Virginia has off-year elections, so there was no gubernatorial or state legislative races on the ballot. There's a US Senate race, but all the candidates are unappealing: John Warner, the Republican incumbent; a Libertarian who's on the outs with his own party; and a LaRouchie nut job. And while there is a Democrat running for the House of Representatives seat, my district is so heavily Republican that he has no hope of winning. Which is too bad, because the incumbent, Frank Wolf, is pretty much worthless. He was chairman of the Transportation Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee for six years, and I can't see that he did a damn thing to improve the transportation infrastructure in northern Virginia. How did we end up with the one person in Congress who is incapable of using his position on the Appropriations Committee to direct a little Federal largess to his district?

So what's a Democrat to do? Why, tax and spend, of course. There were two state bond questions, one for schools and one for parks and recreational facilities, and two local bond questions, one to build some new high schools and the other to build a new fire station. I voted for all of those. And there was a referendum on establishing a special one-half of one percent sales tax on northern Virginia to fund regional transportation project. I voted for that too.

And even though I know he's going to lose, and lose big, I voted for the Democrat in the House race, if for no other reason that he is opposed to the death penalty, and isn't afraid to say so unambiguously.

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