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Books 2006: Jane's World vol. 1 and Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon

Jane's World vol. 1 by Paige Braddock
ISBN: 0974245003
Publisher: Girl Twirl Comics
Date: June 2003
Pages: 150
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Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon by Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson, James Raiz, and Ray Snyder
ISBN: 1401207979
Publisher: DC Comics
Date: Oct. 2004
Pages: 192
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About these books:

Jane's World volume 1: Meet Jane, the hapless heroine of a slightly wacky world, where women wash up on desert islands and are kidnapped by adoring Amazons, where random ex-girlfriends morph into monkeys, where best friends are always loyal (and occasionally even lustful!) and roommates never change... Not even their socks. Now enters the heartless, hip and totally hot, Chelle, who has Jane falling head over heels over office furniture.

Will Chelle ever develop a soft spot for Jane?

Will Jane's roommate, Ethan, ever get a job?

Will kind-hearted but aimless, Dorothy, ever stop pouring coffee and actually use her doctoral degree?!

Find the answers to these questions and more in Jane's World Volume One!

Eyes of the Gorgon: As Diana tries to avert war at the White House, the deadly Medousa comes calling — and Wonder Woman's world is turned completely upside-down. It's all been leading up to this, a final confrontation with the gorgon whose gaze can turn anyone to stone! But the battle is not without tragic consequences for Diana and her loved ones.

After a terrible sacrifice, the Amazing Amazon must prove herself once again to her comrades in the JLA, and to the world!

Jane's World volume 1 and Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon are both comics starring female characters, but that's pretty much all they have in common. One is a wacky romantic comedy drawn in a cartoony style; the other, a "realistically" drawn superhero action-adventure. I prefered the latter. Generally speaking, I prefer superhero comics to other kinds, but the problem I had with Jane's World wasn't that it wasn't a superhero comic, it was that I didn't care about the characters and I didn't think it was very funny. I know you can make a good fantasy-tinged sitcom-style comic — paging Scott Pilgrim! — but this isn't one.

Eyes of the Gorgon, on the other hand, is a good example of what it aspires to be. Granted, it doesn't aspire to much — it's mostly just Wonder Woman putting the smackdown on various monsters and (as a training exercise) other superheroes — but there's some personal sacrifice and political intrigue thrown into the mix too, making it more than just a pointless slugfest. It's not spectacularly wonderful, and I know Greg Rucka is capable of better, but it's attractively drawn and entertainingly written, and to be honest that's all I really need to enjoy this kind of comic.

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