John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
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Books 2006: 1602: New World

1602: New World by Greg Pak and Greg Tocchini
ISBN: 0785114947
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Date: Jan. 2006
Pages: 120
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About this book:

Return to the world of 1602! Rising stars Greg Pak (X-Men: Phoenix -- Endsong) and Greg Tocchini (Thor: Son Of Asgard) pick up where the best-selling story by Neil Gaiman left off: America, the New World! When Captain America was thrust back in time, it changed reality as we know it. Dinosaurs still roam the earth, and the Marvel super heroes we know came to exist 500 years early. Witness David Bruce Banner and Peter Parquagh become the Hulk and Spider-Man in the most eagerly-awaited event of the year!

From 1989 through 1996, DC Comic published The Sandman, a popular and highly regarded series written by Neil Gaiman. Once the series ended, DC continued to publish comics based on the mythos Gaiman created for Sandman. None of these subsidiary titles lived up to the original, but most of them were fairly well received, and the most recent, Mike Carey's Lucifer, comes darn close. From what I can see, most comics fans seem satisfied with how DC has handled the Sandman legacy.

It's no surprise, then, that when Marvel Comics published a popular and well regarded Gaiman series of their own — the 2003 limited series Marvel 1602 — they too had a desire to create new comics based on the original. Thus was 1602: New World born. Unfortunately, they seem to have failed to realize that it should be, you know, good, because it isn't. It's far from the worst thing Marvel published last year — from what I've seen, that would be Spider-Man: India, which was so bad I couldn't bring myself to read past the first chapter — but it's silly and pointless. The original had a neat twist that made it more than just another "what if" story, but the sequel doesn't. It's also horribly padded. It might have made a decent single issue of Marvel's old What If? series, but as a five-issue limited series, it falters badly.

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