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Three quizzes

Take the test, by burninguptheskyEmily.

Interesting. I like the Moonlight Sonata just fine, but I don't think I would describe myself as "sad and intense and sort of eerie." Sad, maybe, sometimes, but I'm hardly ever intense and I personally don't think I'm all that eerie. But the quizzes don't lie! And besides, I tried fudging the answers somewhat while still keeping them honest, and I can't get anything else to come up. Damn it.

my self-esteem is LOW.

how do you measure up? find out, courtesy of emily.

Good call!

find out yours, courtesy of emily

Hm. I would have liked this quiz better had the pictures been the illustrations from the book rather than stills from the movie. I think Rosie O'Donnell was miscast as Ole Golly. Michelle Trachtenberg too. And the girl who played Janie. And most of the rest of the cast. It wasn't a very good adaptation. Which is a pity, because it's such a good book!

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