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Books 2006: Plane Insanity

Plane Insanity by Elliott Hester
ISBN: 0312310064
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Date: Feb 2003
Pages: 256
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About this book:

Make sure your seatbacks and tray tables are in their full upright and locked position for these shocking, bizarre, hilarious, and outrageous stories of airplane travel.

You're belted into a middle seat with burly businessmen on either side. It's ninety-two degrees in the cabin and someone forgot to use deodorant. A baby screams. A kid kicks the back of your seat. After two hours you haven't even left the taxiway. Welcome to modern airline travel! In Plane Insanity, Elliott Hester delivers stories that could only come from someone who "rides tin" for a living—a flight attendant.

You’ll hear about:

  • the passenger from hell
  • a smuggled python
  • prostitutes working the lavatories
  • a riot in coachclass
  • a $500,000 heist
  • the anatomy of a carry-on bag
  • a malodorous couple
  • the Mile-High Club
  • and much more!

Fasten your seatbelts. After Plane Insanity, you'll never think of air travel the same way again.

This is a collection of essays by Elliott Hester, a syndicated travel writer and former flight attendant who used to write for, which is where most of the works in this volume were first published. That means I'd almost certainly read most of them before, but I only ran across a handful that I remembered having read. Hester is an entertaining writer, and not afraid to make himself look foolish in service to the story, which is a trait I admire. Some of the essays come across as slightly dated, because they were written prior to 9/11, but for the most part they hold up well, because they deal with bad food, surly passengers, sex in the bathrooms, and other things that will no doubt exist long past the time everyone who was alive on 9/11 has passed away. If you're interested in the airline industry or have a particular fondness for travel writing, give it a try.

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