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Ten random things: February 17

Ten cities and villages in Illinois:
  1. Cabery
  2. Andover
  3. Joliet
  4. Collinsville
  5. Valmeyer
  6. Calhoun
  7. Green Valley
  8. Lima
  9. Moweaqua
  10. Arcola

I don't know much about any of these places other than Joliet and Moweaqua, and all I know about them is that they're home to high schools with good football teams. Moweaqua made it downstate four times in the 90s, winning the 2A championship in 1997. Joliet is home to Joliet Catholic, which has appeared in fourteen championship games and won twelve. It's worth noting than one of the two teams to beat them in a championship game was my alma mater, Wheaton-Warrenville South High School, in 1992. Go Tigers!


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