John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: February 21

Ten Academy Award nominees who starred in sitcoms:

  1. George Clooney (The Facts of Life)
  2. Helen Hunt (Mad About You)
  3. Ann Southern (The Ann Southern Show)
  4. Diahann Carroll (Julia)
  5. Miyoshi Umeki (The Courtship of Eddie's Father)
  6. Thomas Haden Church (Ned and Stacey)
  7. Patty Duke (The Patty Duke Show)
  8. Ernest Borgnine (McHale's Navy)
  9. Pat Morita (Happy Days)
  10. Alan Alda (M*A*S*H)

I'm using the term "starred in" rather loosely here. Basically, if someone was part of the regular cast of a sitcom for one or more seasons, he or she was a star of that sitcom for the purposes of this list. If you don't like it, you can post other candidates in the comments.

And by the way, how weird is it that two of this year's nominees for Best Director are veterans of The Facts of Life? That's got to be one of the least likely things ever.


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