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Beware the Tripplehorn, my son

I have a theory, which I call the Jeanne Tripplehorn Theory, that says any movie featuring Jeanne Tripplehorn would be better if Jeanne Tripplehorn was not in it. I've considered refining it to say that any movie with Jeanne Tripplehorn in it is a bad movie, which is mostly true, but I think that's merely coincidental. I mean, The Night We Never Met and Waterworld would have been bad regardless, but I think they would have been marginally less bad without her.

So I'm understandably worried about this new HBO series, Big Love, in which Tripplehorn plays one of Bill Paxton's three wives. It's not that I think she'll drag down the show — well, no, of course she will, but not fatally. My concern is that the talent vacuum that surrounds her will rub off on Ginnifer Goodwin, who is very talented and has a promising career ahead of her. I would hate to see her come down with Tripplehorn Disease. I can only hope that Goodwin spends most of her off-camera time with Harry Dean Stanton.

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