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Happy holidays

Happy Veterans Day! Or Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day, or whatever it happens to be called in your neck of the woods. I'm spending the holiday at work. My company recognizes the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve as official company holidays, so they make us work on Columbus Day and Veterans Day. The latter is a little hard to understand, given that something like 80% of the people who work for the company are veterans. Nevertheless, it's a work day for us, and here I am at work, in a largely deserted Federal office building. Fun.

In fact, this whole part of the city is largely deserted. Virtually every building in a five block radius houses a Federal agency. Most of the businesses are closed, because most of their customers are Federal employees. And it's not a residential district, nor a tourist destination. Add it all up, and it spells "no people anywhere to be seen."

On the plus side, and have the multiple T-3 lines that serve my agency all to myself. Too bad they configured the firewall to block access to the peer-to-peer file sharing networks. At least I can still get to Quizilla.

I'm Alphie! You're cute and people think you are smart, but the truth is your just a hunk of plastic with a cartridge plugged into the back of your head.
What Toy From The 80s Are You

brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm. I don't know that I'm all that cute, but the rest is reasonably accurate.

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