John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Sic transit gloria Bradley

I watched the Bradley-Memphis game this evening with my brother and a few dozen other Bradley alums at a sports bar in Arlington. Alas, Memphis won, which was not unexpected but still disappointing. The problem, as my brother observed during the second half, was that Memphis was much better.

I happened to notice that while Bradley was outscored by Memphis, they did manage to score more points that Duke did in their concurrent game against Louisiana State. The obvious conclusion, therefore, is that Bradley would have won if only they'd had the chance to play against Duke.

Ah well. At least Bradley has their speech team to continue supplying them with national championships. Since 1978, the Bradley speech team has won 38 national team titles (there are two national tournaments) and 134 individual titles, so in the greater scheme of things, one measly NCAA men's basketball championship wouldn't have meant all that much.

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