John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: March 29

Ten Harry Stephen Keeler novels:

  1. The Mysterious Ivory Ball of Wong Shing Li
  2. The Straw Hat Murders
  3. The Amazing Web
  4. Find the Clock
  5. The Man Who Changed His Skin
  6. The Scarlet Mummy
  7. The Voice of the Seven Sparrows
  8. The Man with the Magic Eardrums
  9. The Case of the Two-Headed Idiot
  10. The Wonderful Scheme of Mr. Christopher Thorne

Harry Stephen Keeler was an novelist remembered today for his "complicated story lines, wildly improbable in-story coincidences and sometimes sheerly baffling conclusions." I've never read any of his works, but that will soon change, as I happened to run across a copy of his best known work, The Riddle of the Traveling Skull, in the store the other day.


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