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New icons!

I've created six new icons for myself. Like my current default icon, these are all based on comic strips. These first four are, obviously, from Peanuts:

books, reading music TV, movies writing

I'm particularly pleased with the movies and TV icon. I used to have separate icons for movies and TV, but when I ran up against my ten icon limit, I combined movies and TV into a single icon, rationalizing that they were similar and that I didn't write about movies that much anyway. That I was able to find a panel in which a character explicitly states that she is watching a movie on TV is nothing short of astonishing.

Next up, an icon from Fox Trot:


This is the only one of the new icons to come from a recent strip. Jason dressed up a the "blue screen of death" for Halloween. To keep the text readable, I had to play around with this image a little. Nothing major, but if you want to you can compare it to the original.

Lastly, an icon from Doonesbury:

politics, history

This is the first panel from Gary Trudeau's Pulitzer Prize-winning strip about Watergate. (The complete strip is here for the benefit of the young'uns in the audience.) I had to do a fair amount of modification to this one to keep the text even semi-legible. (And in case it still isn't legible for you, it says "P: I don't care what happens.")


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