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More new icons!

I decided I should bring the rest of my icons in line with the new paradigm, so I did a little digging and found some appropriate comics for two of the three remaining icons.


Obviously, this is another Peanuts strip, though an older one that the ones that formed the basis for the others. I pulled this from an sample page for The Gospel According to Peanuts.


Now, technically this is not from a comic strip like the others; it's from a comic book, specifically Four Color Comics 386, the first appearance of Uncle Scrooge in a starring role. My old comics icon was also of Scrooge McDuck, but this one is a little more interesting, I think. In case you can't read the word balloon, he's saying, "I dive around in it like a porpoise!" The original panel is here. (It's big!)

The only non-comic strip (or comic book) icon I have remaining is my Freedom From Bitterness one, which I may ultimately may get rid of anyway. Time will tell.


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