John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten Benedicts:

  1. St. Benedict of Nursia (founder of the Benedictine Order)
  2. Pope Benedict VIII (Bishop of Rome, 974 – 983)
  3. Ruth Fulton Benedict (American anthropologist)
  4. Benedict, Nebraska (village in York County, Neb.)
  5. St. Benedict Joseph Labre (French mendicant and Roman Catholic saint)
  6. Dirk Benedict (American actor)
  7. Benedict's reagent (chemical test for aldehydes)
  8. Pope Benedict XVI (sovereign ruler of the Holy See, 2005 – present)
  9. Benedict College (liberal arts college in Columbia, S.C.)
  10. Antipope Benedict XIII (Pope of the Avignon line, 1394 –1423)

Today is the first anniversary of the election of the current Pope.


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