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Ten belated random things: May 2

Was LiveJournal acting up for anyone else last night? I couldn't log in with Semagic, and I couldn't get to the website either. I submitted a list of ten things via e-mail, figuring it would post when the site became available again, but as of yet it hasn't. So here's last night's list.

Ten things that happened on May 2:

  1. Buddy Baker wins the Winston Select 500 at the Alabama International Motor Speedway in Talladega, Alabama (1972)
  2. Peruvian defenders fight off Spanish fleet at the Battle of Callao (1866)
  3. William Camden, English historian, born (1551)
  4. Northern Dancer wins the Kentucky Derby (1964)
  5. John Carew Eccles, Nobel Prize-winning neurophysiologist, dies (1997)
  6. Gleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler bans trade unions (1933)
  7. J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, dies (1972)
  8. Hans Christian Lumbye, Danish composer, born (1810)
  9. Satyajit Ray, Indian director, born (1921)
  10. Northern Dancer wins the Kentucky Derby (1964)

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