John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: May 3

Ten executed murderers:

  1. Wesley Baker (executed by lethal injection on December 5, 2005, in Maryland)
  2. Eddie Leonski (executed by hanging on November 9, 1942 in Coburg, Victoria, Australia)
  3. Roger Keith Coleman (executed by electrocution on May 20, 1992, in Virginia)
  4. Joseph Vacher (executed by beheading on December 31, 1898 in France)
  5. Marion Dudley (executed by lethal injection on January 25, 2006, in Texas)
  6. Fritz Haarmann (executed by beheading on April 15, 1925 in Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany)
  7. Willie Francis (executed by electrocution on May 9, 1947, in Louisiana)
  8. Robyn Lee Parks (executed by lethal injection on March 10, 1992 in Oklahoma)
  9. Peter Manuel (executed by hanging on July 11, 1958 in Glasgow, Scotland)
  10. Truong Van Cam (executed by firing squad on June 3, 2004, in Long Binh, Vietnam)

Roger Keith Coleman was in the news pretty recently, despite having been put to death fourteen years ago. Coleman always maintained he was innocent, and had convinced quite a few people of it before his execution. In 2000, some DNA evidence from the case against him turned up in the state crime lab, and after an intense lobbying effort, Virginia Governor Mark Warner ordered that the evidence be retested. The retest showed that there was a 1 in 19,000,000 chance that the DNA evidence was not from Coleman. Not the finest moment for the anti-capital punishment forces.


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