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Poet's Corner: Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich

Everything I do I do for you.
Brute. You inform the dark
inside the stones, the winds draughting in

from this world and that to come,
but never touch me.
You took me on

but dart like a rabbit into holes
from the edges of my sense
when I turn, walk, turn.


I am the hermit whom you keep
at the garden’s end, but I wander.
I am wandering in your acres

where every step, were I
attuned to sense them,
would crush a thousand flowers.

(Hush, that’s not the attitude)
I keep prepared a room and no one comes.
(Love is the attitude.)


Canary that I am, caged and hung
from the eaves of the world
to trill your praise.

He will not come.
Poor bloodless hands, unclasp.
Stiffened, stone-cold knees, bear me up.

(And yet, and yet, I am suspended
in his joy, huge and helpless
as the harvest moon in a summer sky.)

Kathleen Jamie (born 1962)

Scottish poet Kathleen Jamie was born on this date in 1962. This date is also the feast day of Julian of Norwich. What an interesting coincidence!

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