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Ten random things: June 1

Ten songs that mention Santa Monica Boulevard:

  1. Pansy Division, "Fluffy City"
  2. Atmosphere, "National Disgrace"
  3. Duran Duran, "Drive By"
  4. Nik Kershaw, "Lady on the Phone"
  5. System of a Down, "Lost in Hollywood"
  6. Marc Almond, "Solo Adultos"
  7. Frank Zappa, "The Blue Light"
  8. Gomez, "Waster"
  9. Gerry Rafferty, "Welcome to Hollywood"
  10. Steve Hackett, "Strutton Ground"

The other day I was looking for my list of good Harry Potter fanfics, and I stumbled across a long-forgotten text file called santamonica.txt, which contained a list of seven songs. A couple years ago, I got the idea to do a list of songs that mentioned Florida Highway A1A. That idea quickly went up in smoke, and it would appear that I then moved on to compile a list of songs that mentioned Santa Monica Boulevard. That too foundered upon the rocks, and I ended posting a less specific list, Ten songs that mention roads. So tonight as I was thinking about a list topic, I remembered santamonica.txt and decided to try to find three more songs that mentioned Santa Monica Boulevard. And in fact, I found five more, which allowed me to leave off the two best-known songs to mention Santa Monica Boulevard (Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do" and Randy Newman's "I Love L.A."), the idea of which was sort of appealing to me for some deeply nerdish reason.


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