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Ten random things: June 6

Ten notable Mollys:

  1. Molly Bloom (wife of Leopold Bloom in Ullysses by James Joyce
  2. Molly Ivins (political writer)
  3. Molly Spotted Elk (actress and dancer)
  4. Molly the Mail Lady (character on Sesame Street)
  5. Molly Ringwald (actress)
  6. Molly Yard (feminist activist)
  7. Molly Weasley (Hermione Granger's future mother-in-law)
  8. "Machine Gun Molly" (Canadian bank robber, real name Monica Proietti)
  9. Molly McGuire (singer-songwriter)
  10. Margaret Elaine "Molly" Heaton (my newest niece, born this morning)

That's Molly up there in the icon. She was born at 11:50 AM, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and measuring 21 inches from stem to stern. She and her mom (Charity, my brother's wife) are doing well.


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