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Yarrrrr, I hate the rain an' its associated complications

You know what I hate? Computers. And storms. And power outages. More precisely I hate that yesterday, the second caused the third, which rendered the first temporarily unusable. But when the power came back, I couldn't restart my computer, at least not for more that a few seconds at a time. I've seen it act like this before, and I think something happened to the RAM. Should be a quick fix, once I get time to work on it tomorrow.

What makes this particularly frustrating is that yesterday was the eighth anniversary of my mom's death, and I was in the middle of writing about it when the computer went foo. I had been saving it as I went along, so once I get the computer working again I'll be able to finish it up and polish it for posting. But it irks me that I wasn't unable to do so on the actual anniversary of her death. Posting a journal entry about my mom is an important annual tradition, and I feel bad about not having been able to do so yesterday. I know that in the scheme of things it's not that important, but still.

Anyway, library's about to close Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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